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At AIM (American Investment Migration), we work exclusively for developers and receive compensation solely from them. However, this does not mean that our role disregards the interests of other parties. On the contrary, we strive to educate developers on how to structure their construction projects in a way that maximizes the potential for success for EB-5 investors.

Our principals have many years of experience in the EB-5 industry, having worked on numerous projects involving thousands of EB-5 investors. These projects have successfully satisfied the job creation requirements of EB-5 petitioners, resulting in I-526 and I-829 approvals, as well as repayment to the New Commercial Enterprises in which the EB-5 investments were made.

We believe that AIM’s role is twofold. While we serve the interests of developers, we also recognize that true success for developers means creating a platform for success for EB-5 investors.

If a developer’s project can achieve the three primary objectives of every EB-5 investor – obtaining a permanent green card, a return of their capital contribution, and a return on investment – then all parties involved can share in that success. By meeting these objectives, the project would have satisfied all job creation requirements, repaid the NCE’s investment, and delivered a rate of return on the NCE’s investment.

Meet the Founders of AIM

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Kraig Schwigen

Principal at American Investment Migration LLC

Kraig Schwigen is a recognized industry expert in the EB-5 business with over a decade of experience. As the former Chief Operating Officer of one of the largest regional center groups in the industry, Kraig grew the company from 40 investors to over 5,400, representing over $5.4 billion in EB-5 investment capital raised.

Today, as a key member of the American Investment Migration (AIM) team, Kraig is dedicated to sharing his extensive experience and expertise to assist developers seeking EB-5 investment capital. Kraig and the AIM team guide developers on how to effectively blend the most critical elements of EB-5 into their projects, making the process of securing EB-5 investment capital streamlined and effective.

Author Profile

Steve Parnell

Principal at American Investment Migration LLC

Steve is a highly experienced property finance professional with over 40 years of experience in the industry. As the founder of two successful real estate finance companies—one in the UK and another in the USA—Steve has been involved in property finance since 1983.

In 2008, Steve became involved in the world of EB-5, and has since worked with clients from over 34 different countries. His extensive knowledge and expertise in the field make him well-equipped to offer valuable guidance and advice.

Our Simple Goal

AIM’s goal is to work with highly experienced developers seeking to add value to an already well planned project by incorporating EB-5 investment capital into the financing plan of their project.

“No developer undertakes every aspect of a construction project. They turn to others that have greater expertise and these others can get the job done in a cost effective manner such that the developer’s project gets completed in a timely manner. The approach to EB-5 funding is no different. Ask us about what we do best and decide for yourself if what AIM does makes sense in what you are hoping to accomplish.”

Kraig Schwigen


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This website is owned and operated by American Investment Migration LLC. (AIM) - American Investment Migration LLC provides consulting services to developers seeking investment capital by way of the EB-5 program. American Investment Migration LLC is not a registered broker dealer. It is anticipated that any Securities that may be offered associated to a project in which AIM has consulted to a developer will be offered through Winlo Management Group LLC Member FINRA / SIPC. American Investment Migration LLC and Winlo Management Group LLC are separate, unaffiliated entities

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