What does American Investment Migration (AIM) do?

Foremost, AIM works with developers seeking to blend EB-5 capital into the financing plan(s) of projects they are undertaking. The principal’s of AIM are highly experienced in the EB-5 industry, having been involved in the raising of over $2.7 billion in EB-5 capital for past projects as well as the operation of multiple regional centers.

AIM works solely for, and is compensated solely by, the developers that engage AIM. AIM then provides its professional services, as well as serving as a conduit to a small group of highly successful regional centers where AIM has been able to negotiate favorable costs of capital for projects deemed suitable to these regional centers and the requirements of the EB-5 program. 

Ultimately, AIM works with developers to structure their projects such that they have the greatest possible appeal to regional centers as well as foreign nationals seeking US permanent residence by way of the EB-5 investor visa program.

How do I know AIM can help me?

You don’t, but neither do we at this point. Raising capital, through EB-5 investors, is unique and specialized. There are a few things we need to know first if you would like to talk to us about working together on your project. We see your time as valuable, and we should be prepared to offer specific information tailored to exactly what you are working on. To give you fair and accurate information we need a basic understanding of what you want to accomplish. After finding out where you are with your project and what you are looking to achieve, we will give you an honest answer as to if we should work together. Fair enough?

Does AIM offer a free consultation?

Absolutely, however we want you to receive true value from our discussion, so we need some specific information about your project prior to our speaking to give you the best information possible.

At AIM, we love what we do, and we know that not every potential project is right for EB-5 and EB-5 may not be a right fit for some projects. Exploring EB-5 is about more than just low-cost capital for a developer’s project. EB-5 is about developing a platform such that the goals of all involved are likely to come to fruition.

EB-5 investors have specific goals they are hoping to achieve and there are ways to blend their goals into the needs of your project and to do so properly.

How much does this service cost?

Great question. The answer varies depending upon who is giving you their answers. Here is AIM’s approach.

  1. There is no cost for the discovery call.
  2. There is no cost for AIM to explore EB-5 as a potential financing mechanism for your project, assuming your project is seen as suitable for EB-5 in our discovery call.
  3. There is no cost for AIM to present your project to one of the many regional centers AIM works with, assuming AIM has seen merit in your project following further exploration.
  4. There is no cost to you during the regional center’s underwriting of your project as a project suitable to the regional center, assuming the regional center found your project suitable after the initial presentation.
  5. There is no cost to you during the development of a term sheet between the regional center and you and your project, assuming the regional center chooses to move forward after its in-depth due diligence.
  6. Once there is a term sheet in place, AIM begins to earn its already agreed upon compensation.

Our goal is to bring only the absolute best projects to the EB-5 market. This is not because we are not getting paid by you until after #6. It is because EB-5 is so different from any other capital source you may be considering for your project.

EB-5 is about individuals in other parts of the world, potentially pinning their hopes and dreams on your project as their path to US permanent residence.

The goal of AIM is to create a platform where all parties succeed. We are happy to defer our compensation to achieve what we see as the best in EB-5.

Hopefully now, you can understand why AIM asks for specific information about your project prior to our Discovery Call.

If you would like to explore if we are a good fit for each other and how we view the suitability of your project for EB-5 investment capital, simply set up a discovery call using the form below.

“No developer undertakes every aspect of a construction project. They turn to others that have greater expertise and these others can get the job done in a cost effective manner such that the developer’s project gets completed in a timely manner. The approach to EB-5 funding is no different. Ask us about what we do best and decide for yourself if what AIM does makes sense in what you are hoping to accomplish.”

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This website is owned and operated by American Investment Migration LLC. (AIM) - American Investment Migration LLC provides consulting services to developers seeking investment capital by way of the EB-5 program. American Investment Migration LLC is not a registered broker dealer. It is anticipated that any Securities that may be offered associated to a project in which AIM has consulted to a developer will be offered directly by the issuer or through a Broker/Dealer Member FINRA / SIPC.

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