EB-5 Consulting for Property Developers

American Investment Migration (AIM) EB-5 Consulting for Property Developers

At AIM, we understand that trust in the EB-5 industry is paramount. In order to build that trust and emphasize our commitment to providing value, AIM’s EB-5 consulting for property developers offers:

    • A free consultation that delivers genuine value, however in order to deliver value AIM needs to be provided with some general information about your project.
    • Transparent, step-by-step guidance on our services and how AIM would be compensated including a cost free analysis of a project’s suitability as an EB-5 target investment.
    • AIM’s continued commitment to working only with the best projects in the EB-5 market. 
    • A focus on creating a platform where all parties can succeed.

How is AIM uniquely qualified to offer EB-5 consulting for property developers?

Our team consists of industry veterans who have raised over $2.7 billion in EB-5 capital and operated multiple regional centers. Our distinct approach sets us apart from other service providers, as we focus solely on the developer’s needs and serve as a conduit to a select group of successful regional centers. Additionally, our emphasis on providing many of the initial services for free demonstrates our commitment to delivering value to our clients.

Who are AIM’s services for?

Our services are tailored for experienced commercial property developers exploring the potential of integrating EB-5 capital into their financing plans. Developers who seek expert guidance and assistance in navigating the unique challenges of the EB-5 program, will benefit the most from what AIM provides.

What is included in AIM’s EB-5 consulting for property developers?

At AIM, we pride ourselves in offering an extensive range of consulting services for commercial property developers looking to leverage the potential of EB-5 capital. With a strong focus on providing value at every stage. The following services are provided prior to our clients ever incurring any costs with us:

    • Reviewing projects for EB-5 program suitability
    • Determining TEA/non-TEA status and identifying the appropriate regional center
    • Facilitating discussions with regional centers regarding project sponsorship and associated costs
    • Assisting in the gathering of required information for regional center due diligence
    • Instructing the borrower group on  the EB-5 program and its requirements

What problems are solved for AIM clients by using these services?

The EB-5 Program blends an array of complex requirements as well as multi-faceted objectives  of the various parties involved. Our expertise helps developers overcome the complexities of the EB-5 landscape and access a valuable source of low-cost capital for their large-scale construction projects. Unlike most consultants a developer may be used to, AIM provides its initial assistance at no cost, whereby we address key challenges such as:

    • Navigating the unique EB-5 investor mindset
    • Identifying suitable regional centers for project sponsorship
    • Outlining the required compliance with the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act
    • Outlining USCIS requirements and how those requirements will intersect with a developer’s project

What are the long-term benefits of using AIM?

Long-term benefits of partnering with AIM  include:
    • Access to a valuable source of low-cost capital for large-scale projects
    • AIM’s principals have long standing relationships with many of the most significant parties in the EB-5 industry within the US and abroad
    • AIM’s worldwide focus and project scrutiny are intended to create a broad based appeal of a developer’s project to all foreign nationals seeking US permanent residence through the EB-5 investor visa program
    • Ongoing support and guidance throughout the EB-5 process

How much do AIM’s services cost?

Great question. Here is AIM’s approach which may be different than most consultants a developer may encounter.

    • There is no cost for the discovery call.
    • There is no cost for AIM to explore EB-5 as a potential financing mechanism for a developer’s project, assuming the project is deemed suitable for EB-5 in our discovery call.
    • There is no cost for AIM to present a developer’s project to one of the many regional centers AIM works with, assuming AIM has seen merit in the project following further exploration.
    • There is no cost to a developer during the regional center’s underwriting of the project as a project suitable to the regional center, assuming the regional center found your project suitable after the initial presentation.
    • There is no cost to a developer during the development of a term sheet between the regional center and the developer, assuming the regional center chooses to move forward after its in-depth due diligence.
    • Once there is a term sheet in place, AIM will begin to earn its already agreed upon compensation.

Take the first step in exploring the potential of EB-5 capital for your project by scheduling a discovery call with us using the form below. Experience the exceptional value AIM delivers by simplifying the process and guiding you through the complex world of EB-5 financing.

AIM’s goal is to assist developers such that they achieve the success they are seeking, while at the same time, delivering the success that is so desperately being sought by prospective EB-5 investors.

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