EB-5 Investment Fraud: Lessons Learned from Failed Projects

EB-5 Investment Fraud: Lessons Learned from Failed Projects. The EB-5 Program requires that petitioners make an “at risk” investment into a New Commercial Enterprise (NCE), that the petitioner sustain that investment for the requisite period of time and create new “qualified” jobs as a result of that investment. Nowhere in these requirements is the EB-5 [...]
An EB-5 Investor's Obligation

An EB-5 Investor’s Obligation: Due Diligence

An EB-5 Investor’s Obligation: Due Diligence. Prospective EB-5 investors have an obligation to conduct proper due diligence. participation in the EB-5 program, from an immigrant investor’s perspective, involves a huge financial commitment as well as relocation from the home country to life in the United States. In most cases this relocation is of multiple individuals [...]
How is Success Measured in an EB-5 Investment?

How is Success Measured in an EB-5 Investment?

How is Success Measured in an EB-5 Investment? It seems strange to even have to pose this question as one would think that there would only be one measurement for success in such an important undertaking but that is not the case. For nearly every single EB-5 investor we have encountered the measurement for success [...]
Set Aside Visas: EB-5 Due Diligence

EB-5 Due Diligence: Importance Of Set Aside Visas

EB-5 Due Diligence: Set Aside Visas Set Aside Visas: Maintaining the Proper Focus The EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 sets aside 32% of the yearly EB-5 visas for investors in certain types of projects. EB-5 investors who file their I-526E petitions after March 15, 2022, and invest in one of the eligible project [...]

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