Who We Are

At American Investment Migration (AIM), our principals come from vastly different backgrounds and locations: one from a Midwestern region in the US near the Mississippi River, another from central London in England. Yet, what brought them together and keeps them together today is a shared passion for the EB-5 Program.

AIM’s two founding principals are Steve Parnell and Kraig Schwigen. Steve is a first generation immigrant and Kraig was a police officer before being introduced to the world of EB-5. My first question, if I were a prospective immigrant investor would be; how and why does this matter? AIM’s answer would be that Steve knows what it is like to take that huge leap of faith associated to a United States immigration program and Kraig’s career in law enforcement was encapsulated in a “treat people the way you want to be treated” philosophy however each person is ultimately responsible for their own actions. 

Both Steve and Kraig have seen amazing results from EB-5 investments. These results have benefitted the immigrant investors and their family members, developers and the regions in which the investments into Job Creating Entities have occurred. Blighted regions in the United States have been transformed as a result of EB-5 projects that may not have gone forward absent the investment of immigrants seeking US permanent residence. Both Steve and Kraig have shared in the joy of investor clients relocating to the US, of these same clients becoming permanent residents and, in some cases, United States citizens. As we have said before, done right EB-5 can achieve great results. Done wrong, it can do great harm.

To those unfamiliar with the EB-5 industry, the diverse backgrounds of our principals may seem an unlikely combination. However, for those within the EB-5 world, this unique blend of perspectives, knowledge, and cultural diversity is seen as a major asset. It sets us apart and ensures that we have the skills and expertise needed to help our clients achieve their EB-5 goals.

Meet Our Founders

Stephen (Steve) Parnell
Stephen ParnellMember

Steve, a first-generation immigrant, entered the EB-5 business in 2008 and is proud to have guided clients from 34+ countries through the entire EB-5 process.

Kraig Schwigen
Kraig SchwigenMember

From 2008-2019 Kraig oversaw one of the largest and most successful regional center groupings, growing the company from 40 investors to over 5,400 investors.

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